Management Change at LP-WORKS GmbH

LP-WORKS GmbH, based in Erlangen, is pleased to announce Jochen Britting and Patrick Weber as the new leadership team.
After nine successful years, Henry Fleck and Lisa Poloni hand over the lead to their long-standing and experienced employees.

“We are grateful for the trust placed in us and look forward to leading the company into a successful future.
We will drive it forward with passion and commitment.” explains Mr. Weber.

Mr. Britting adds: “We are ready for new challenges and are determined to foster the company’s growth and ensure long-term success.
We see many exciting opportunities and are motivated to leverage them to make  the LP-WORKS even stronger and more innovative.”

The new leadership emphasizes that customer satisfaction and the quality of services will remain top priorities.
Both empahsize the importance of a strong team and look forward to further expanding the existing collaboration with the talented employees of LP-WORKS GmbH.

Henry Fleck and Lisa Poloni would like to thank all customers and partners for the long-standing collaboration and trust.
They are confident that Mr. Britting and Mr. Weber will successfully lead the company and set new benchmarks.

With this change, LP-WORKS GmbH looks optimistically towards the future and is excited about the coming years under new leadership.