LP-WORKS GmbH was established in 2015 as the operational arm of TLM Fleck in Erlangen.

LP stands for “logistics projects”, which also reflects our service direction.

Technically, we position ourselves as providers of specialized equipment and its on-site deployment. With our extensive experience, we are capable of responding flexibly to new requirements and providing swift solutions.

Our equipment is designed for diverse applications, particularly for assembly, heavy-duty tasks, and the healthcare sector.

Our team is highly qualified, trained, and well-coordinated.

We are project managers, truck drivers, assemblers, electricians, welders, in short, versatile professionals.

Our scope of work includes the preparation, supervision, and completion of projects in the field of medical equipment, industrial assembly, and the dismantling of large machinery.

This process begins with contacting the client, followed by project management and planning of the required technology, materials, and workforce. Subsequently, we undertake delivery, installation, connection, or dismantling in the necessary sequence.

Given the considerable weights of the equipment, we prioritize the protection of structures from the outset. Transporting multiple tons on small heavy-duty rollers through hospital corridors exerts tremendous pressure on floors and building structures.

Architects and structural engineers provide us with the necessary data for bridging gaps between building components and raised floors. We utilize a variety of materials, including wood, aluminum, and steel, to ensure the required safety.

We are capable of installing wooden platforms in entry points and providing steel bridging structures. If necessary, we can also implement most solutions at short notice.

Transport tasks and crane operations are almost exclusively carried out using our own equipment.