Vehicles equipped with a total of 2 detachable swap bodies are in operation.

Occupational safety regulations in various parts of Europe have necessitated technical adjustments in our fleet. The prohibition on the use of lift platforms on vehicles under certain circumstances has prompted us to fundamentally rethink the entire unloading concept.

We rely on hydraulically detachable units, controlled by a hydraulic drive in the tractor unit and equipped with extendable heavy-duty supports in the swap bodies. These supports are theoretically designed to withstand a total load of up to 32 tons.

Our units can be optionally heated, equipped with winches to pull heavy parts inward, and feature sliding decks, furniture van linings, and side doors.

Additionally, they are equipped with reinforced floors to easily handle point loads. An example of this is a 12-ton MRI device, supported on four feet each with a base area of approximately 300 x 200 mm.

The vehicle height is 3800 mm.