Here, we installed a 7.3-ton MRI machine into the 2nd floor using a heavy-duty scaffold, while the chiller was lifted onto the roof. This was a task perfectly suited for our specialized vehicle, as there was no space for trucks and cranes, with the underground garage entrance, fire zone, loading zone, all around. Therefore, we only brought the essentials to get the job done.

The first step was to place the chiller on the roof, followed by bringing in and installing the technical cabinets and accessories onto the scaffold. Finally, we brought in and positioned the magnet on steel plates with the help of four people.

Throughout the entire crane operation, all parts of the surrounding infrastructure were freely accessible and drivable, which was a huge advantage when working with our equipment. According to all involved parties and Siemens officials, this was an impressive and successful operation.

My thanks to all involved for their clean work!