Our oldest client, the company SMU (Specialists for Metal Forming). In the workshop, there were some ancient machines that needed to make way for a new automaton.
The first two dismantled devices weighed 5.4 tons each and were well protected behind a CNC machine. Approaching them with a 6-ton forklift or crane was not possible.

The long boom then facilitated the removal without the intermediate disassembly of the CNC machine. However, it was quite strenuous, as the load was at the limit.
On the ground, the machines were secured with drilled and glued 16mm threaded rods, which could not be reached without lifting equipment. Placed on rollers, aluminum plates were placed on the floor, and they were pulled out with a forklift at the customer’s request.

He didn’t want to risk damaging his expensive CNC machine. Finest scrap! Still, it was fun.