Here are data and pictures of our newly commissioned technology.

The task was to transport and unload equipment safely, taking into account extended occupational safety measures in the UK and Ireland, as well as the possibility of providing them as platforms for the installation of equipment / machinery at variable heights over facades up to 2300 mm in height.

These swap bodies are equipped with Edscha sliding roofs, so that both craning and the conventional processes of goods transport are possible.

Our main focus is on saving time, material, and avoiding additional on-site technology for our customers when handling heavy (medical) systems. In addition, we improve occupational safety and our overall performance, recognition, and external advertising through continuous technical adjustments to meet the requirements of the time, as well as through the demonstrated know-how of the personnel.

New is the possibility of using a 6-ton winch inside the floor guides, which is controlled via the heating batteries and simply pulls large rolling loads indoors without the need for additional forklifts or cranes, via aluminum ramps.


We also comply with occupational safety regulations for the UK and Ireland, where the loading and unloading of items over 500 kg or oversized items must not be done via lifting platforms.